Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, we are offering physiotherapy services through digital media for the delivery of uninterrupted health care for our patients.

Virtual physiotherapy, also called tele-rehabilitation or tele-health, delivers professional services through telecommunications technology to replace on-site appointments.

Every aspect of patient care can be managed virtually, from the initial interview through the entire health care process; physical assessment and diagnosis, treatment, consultations, education, and training.

Your physiotherapy-based exercise program, educational videos and written material can be delivered to you without the need for face-to-face appointments.

Our patients will receive the same safe, effective, and ethical care as an in-person visit through this alternate mode of service delivery.

Conditions that may benefit from Virtual Physiotherapy:

Muscle strains (e.g. rotator cuff of shoulder, calf, hamstrings) ● Joint sprains (e.g. knee, ankle) ● Back and neck pain issues ● Post-surgical rehab ● Osteoarthritis ● Poor ergonomics ● Tendonitis issues (e.g. Plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, shoulder) ● Sciatica and other common musculoskeletal conditions.

How to Book an Appointment with Us

Make sure you have access to a computer with video-conferencing ability and high-speed internet connection. Alternately your smart phone might work too. You will need an email account.

Call us at 250 376 1141 or email us at info@northkamloopsphysiotherapy.com or fill in the form to contact us.

After booking your appointment you will receive an email from Embodia our Tele-rehabilitation partner with imple to follow instructions to start your video consult. Our physiotherapist will guide you the first time by telephone for initial set-up.

Get ready for your appointment. You might need to wear appropriate clothing and create some space in your computer room so you can freely demonstrate some functional movements or activities related to your problem.

Once your initial session is completed a specifically tailored home exercise and education program in form videos and written instructions are usually be emailed to you.